• Family Law and Criminal Attorney Serving Olive Branch Illinois

  • Have you and your spouse decided to terminate your marriage and you need help settling the divorce? Do you need representation in a family lawsuit? For over 30 years, Susan Burger Attorney at Law has provided criminal and family law services to those in the Olive Branch, Illinois area. Our firm provides skilled legal counsel for criminal defense, child custody, divorce, and more. If you need a capable attorney to represent your legal interests, contact our firm today. Continue reading below to explore some of the legal services we provide at Susan Burger Attorney at Law and call our office for more information.

  • Criminal Defense

    Going to trial for a criminal offense is scary, especially if this is your first arrest. Navigating the court system is stressful enough, not considering the lifelong consequences that will follow you if a judge or jury finds you guilty. Do not try to handle your case on your own; hire an experienced criminal law attorney to explain the legal process, investigate the evidence to build your defense, and use their years of knowledge and expertise to advise you on the ideal legal strategy for the best possible outcome. Your lawyer will explain different possible outcomes of your case and the likelihood of each to help devise your strategy.

  • DUI Attorney Near Olive Branch Illinois

    Did you recently fail a sobriety test at a DUI checkpoint and are now facing charges? Whether your blood alcohol level exceeds 0.08 or your prescription drug impaired your driving, DUI and DWI charges are a serious matter. You need to retain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney like Susan Burger to provide you with the best possible outcome of your criminal case; this may result in dropped charges or agreeing to a plea bargain with the prosecution, depending on the severity of your case.

  • Divorce

    Every divorce case is different. Some couples can agreeably divide their property and resolve their divorce quickly. Others require the help of the courts to make unbiased decisions for them. Whether you and your spouse can settle through mediation or require court interference, an experienced divorce attorney is a great tool to represent your interests. Between distributing money, debts, and property, and negotiating alimony, child custody, and child support payments, there are a lot of decisions to make during a divorce. Rely on our experienced attorneys at Susan Burger Attorney at Law to help you through the tough choices of divorce settlements and advocate for your best interests.

  • Child Custody

    What makes divorce even more stressful is agreeing on child custody arrangements. Courts consider many factors when deciding what is in the best interest of the child. The parent who is more financially stable may retain physical custody of the child, which means the child primarily lives at their residence, while the other parents may secure legal custody, meaning they will make decisions on the child’s behalf, such as medical treatments and religious values. Every situation is different, but hiring a family law attorney who will represent your parental rights can greatly increase a favorable outcome. Call on Susan Burger Attorney at Law to help you establish child support payments, custody arrangements, and visitation schedules.

  • Family Litigation

    Sometimes families run into conflicts with one another that they just cannot handle themselves. Family court is a valuable tool to legally resolve these issues. If a divorced couple disagrees over payment for their child’s college or orthodontic expenses, they can settle it through litigation. If you find yourself in need of representation for a lawsuit involving family, call Susan Burger Attorney at Law today to handle your case. Our firm has handled a multitude of family court cases and wants to serve as your legal counsel during the proceedings.

  • Why Choose This Firm

    The people in Olive Branch, Illinois, and the surrounding area have relied on Susan Burger Attorney at Law for criminal and family law services for more than 30 years. You can trust the experience and knowledge that Susan Burger has accumulated over her legal career to assist you with divorce, adoption, criminal charges, child custody, and more. The legal process is complicated; help yourself by retaining the legal services of Susan Burger Attorney at Law for the best possible outcome.