• Experienced Criminal Law Attorney in Anna Illinois

  • Susan Burger Attorney at Law is a criminal lawyer who can provide legal assistance and advice to the people in Anna, Illinois, and the surrounding areas. Susan Burger has over 30 years of legal experience and is ready to fight for your legal rights. Criminal charges impact the lives of those accused and their families; trust Susan Burger to represent your best interests in a criminal trial.

  • How Can a Criminal Law Attorney Help You?

    Criminal charges lead to serious, long-term consequences, so it is best not to try to deal with them on your own. You should retain the legal services of an experienced criminal attorney like Susan Burger Attorney at Law to help examine and build your case for the best outcome, whether that means a plea deal to lesser charges or a not guilty verdict, depending on your case. A criminal defense attorney's job is to examine the facts of your case, including witness testimony, to either build a defense against the charges or to work with a prosecutor on a plea deal to avoid trial. The best lawyer will be honest with their client about the severity of their case and the probability of receiving a particular verdict. 

    The Benefits of a Private Attorney

    There are many advantages to hiring a private attorney like Susan Burger. Public defenders are employed by the government and often have large caseloads because there are so many people who cannot pay for legal representation. When you hire a private attorney, you have the benefit of choosing the lawyer and firm to represent you, whereas those defendants who are appointed a lawyer do not have this luxury. With fewer clients to represent, private attorneys can focus more time and attention to building their clients' case; it is also easier to get in contact with a private attorney. If you need legal counsel for impending criminal charges, call Susan Burger Attorney at Law today!

  • We Work Hard to Help You in Your Criminal Case

    Possible Results for Your Criminal Case

    Being arrested and preparing for a criminal trial is a confusing and frightening time, especially for first-time offenders. What are the consequences and how will it affect your life and your relationships with friends, family, and employers? Your criminal defense attorney will help you navigate this difficult legal process and the potential outcomes of your case, which include:

    Charges Are Dropped – Charges may be dropped by the prosecutor before your trial if the evidence against you is too weak or conflicts with DNA results, or if witnesses choose not to testify. However, dropped charges may not necessarily erase this crime from your arrest record.

  • You Plead Guilty – Some individuals plead guilty so they do not have to go through a trial or they make an agreement with prosecution to reduce or drop charges. Always consult with a lawyer before entering a plea because a guilty verdict can affect your future access to jobs and housing opportunities, among other things. 

    Plea Bargain – If you accept a plea bargain with a prosecutor, you may receive a reduced sentence, but the consequences of a guilty verdict will follow you after the case has closed. It may be a better alternative to going to trial, but you should discuss all of your options with your attorney before making this decision.

  • You Are Found Guilty – In trial cases, the prosecution and defense both deliver evidence and witness testimony to convince the judge and/or jury of their case. If you are found guilty, the prosecution has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty of the charged crime. You have the right to appeal a guilty verdict, but there is no guarantee that it will pass. Depending on the severity of your crime, you may be ordered to pay a fine or be sentenced a prison term.

    You Are Found Not Guilty – During the trial, you may be found not guilty if the prosecution's case is too weak or your attorney delivers a strong case in your defense. 

    Court Declares a Mistrial – A mistrial will end the current proceedings and requires a different set of jury members for a new trial to begin. Mistrials are the result of an issue during the trial, such as bias or misconduct of witnesses, jury members, or attorneys. If the jury does not unanimously agree on a verdict, it will also lead to a mistrial.

  • If you are facing criminal charges in the Anna, Illinois area, call Susan Burger Attorney at Law for a consultation. Let us build your case for the best possible outcome!