• Do You Need a Divorce Lawyer in Anna Illinois?

  • Divorce is rarely easy. Some couples are able to end their marriage amicably and part ways without fighting over property, assets, and child custody. However, many couples are stressed by high emotions during the divorce and need legal assistance to decide the settlement terms. Whether or not you need to retain the services of a divorce attorney depends on your state's laws and the difficulty of agreement between you and your spouse.

  • Deciding for Yourself Whether You Need a Divorce Attorney

    If you are one of those amicable couples who can fairly split property, finances, and time spent with your children, as well as agree to custody arrangements and potential child support and/or alimony payments, you likely do not need to hire a divorce attorney. Couples who can compromise outside of court can save money and time that would otherwise have to be spent meeting with lawyers and appearing at trial dates. However, this is not the case for most divorces, and if you feel that you are not receiving your fair share from your divorce, contact our trusted divorce lawyer to represent your interests in the settlement.

  • Selecting the Right Divorce Attorney for You

    If you and your spouse cannot agree to terms and need to seek the help of the court system, make sure you do your research to hire the right attorney who will fight for your best interests. When you meet with prospective attorneys, come prepared with questions and clearly address what outcomes you desire in the settlement. You may also need to consider the type of attorney your spouse hires; if their divorce attorney is a strong force in the courtroom, you will want to retain a lawyer who will fight just as hard for your interests. Reach out to Susan Burger Attorney at law if you need an experienced divorce attorney on your side.

    What is Collaborative Practice?

    Collaborative practice is a compromisation alternative to going to court. Divorce attorneys who specialize in collaborative practice do not represent their clients in litigation, only for settlements. Therefore, if this process is unsuccessful and the couple cannot agree to settlement terms, they will have to hire new legal representation.

  • When a Divorce Attorney is Necessary

    If your spouse has hired a lawyer to represent them in the divorce proceedings, it would be wise for you to do the same. Trying to fight for your interests without an experienced lawyer will give your represented spouse an unfair advantage. You need to retain an attorney well-versed in divorce law to protect you from dishonest claims or petty demands from your spouse and their counsel. Additionally, if you have to fight for custody or child support, your chances of an outcome in your favor will increase with a skilled lawyer in your corner.

    We strongly recommend hiring a divorce attorney when there are particularly hostile circumstances, such as violence. If your spouse has a history of violent behavior against you or your children, it is imperative that you file a temporary restraining order against them before leaving with your children or removing any funds from joint accounts. Not following this proper legal procedure could put you at risk of claims of kidnapping or theft. 

  • Choosing Mediation Over Litigation

    The difference between collaborative practice and mediation is that in collaborative practice, each spouse has their own attorney to negotiate terms outside of court, whereas one mediator works with both spouses to find common ground and agreeable solutions. Mediators are neutral and help the couple make reasonable and logical decisions. Collaborative practice and litigation often take more time than mediation because each side has to address and negotiate their demands and then respond and counteroffer more conditions. With each spouse and their attorney advocating for their own terms, it can become overemotional and drag on the process. 

  • Consult with a Divorce Attorney to Determine the Next Step

    If you are still unsure whether or not you need a divorce attorney, it never hurts to consult with one to answer your questions and to advise you on your particular situation. Keep in mind everything you are at risk of losing in a divorce to your spouse if you do not have a legal expert at your side to represent your interests. Give Susan Burger Attorney at Law a call today to discuss your divorce case and see what she can do for you!