• Family Law Attorney and Criminal Lawyer Near Mound City Illinois

  • Is your family going through a divorce or litigation dispute? Susan Burger Attorney at Law has over 30 years of experience providing criminal and family law services to those in the Mound City, Illinois area. If you need a skilled attorney to represent your interests for child custody, divorce settlements, or a family lawsuit, contact our firm today. We also provide legal counsel for criminal defense. Continue reading below to explore some of the legal services we provide at Susan Burger Attorney at Law.

  • Divorce

    No two divorces are the same; each separating couple has unique circumstances that make it difficult to quickly divide all their assets. Additionally, it is an emotionally stressful time, which can cloud judgement in making fair decisions and sacrifices. Whether you opt for mediation or follow through with court proceedings, a family attorney with extensive experience in handling divorces can greatly benefit your case. Divorce settlements require tough decisions. How do we divide money, land, and personal property? Who will primarily raise and make decisions for your children? Will one spouse have to provide alimony or child support, and if so, how much? Our experienced attorneys at Susan Burger Attorney at Law can help you through the legal process of divorce and advocate for your best interests.

  • Child Custody

    Divorce is further complicated when children are involved. There are many factors to consider when deciding which parent will have primary physical custody of their children. If both parents do not live in the same school district, the child may have to transfer schools. The best interests of the child require an emotionally and financially secure home; if the custodial parent cannot afford to rear the child on their own, the other parent will likely have to pay child support. The family law attorneys at Susan Burger Attorney at Law can help establish child custody and visitation rights, as well as child support payments. 

  • Family Litigation

    Not all lawsuits occur between strangers in car accidents or involve medical malpractice. Sometimes family disputes require a court's help to settle. One family member may feel that they are entitled to a share of a deceased relative's estate in the absence of a legal will. Another family member may want legal guardianship of a minor relative whose parents they feel are unfit to care for the child. Whatever the case, Susan Burger has handled a variety of family court cases and wants to represent you during the proceedings. Contact our office today to discuss your case.

  • Criminal Defense for the Mound City Illinois Area

    A criminal trial is intimidating, especially if you are a first-time offender. Criminal charges should be taken seriously, as the consequences will follow you for the rest of your personal and professional life. Our experienced criminal lawyer will explain the legal process and investigate the evidence in your case to build your defense. An experienced legal team can be the difference between a lengthy prison sentence and community service, depending on the severity of your crime.

  • Why Choose This Firm

    For more than 30 years, Susan Burger Attorney at Law has provided skilled criminal and family law services to the people of Mound City, Illinois, and the surrounding areas. Whether you have been charged with a DUI or you need to determine paternity for a child custody case, the legal process is complicated. You can trust the experience and knowledge that Susan Burger has accumulated over her legal career to assist you with divorce, adoption, drafting wills and prenuptial agreements, and criminal charges. Call our office today for a consultation!