• Family Law Attorney in Anna Illinois

  • Families are dynamic and ever-changing; some of life's changes within the family unit require legal assistance. Whether you and your fiance would like to work out a prenuptial agreement before you tie the knot, or an estranged couple needs help with divorce proceedings, our experienced family law attorneys can help. Susan Burger Attorney at Law also handles will and estate preparation, guardianship and child custody agreements, DCFS appeals, and family lawsuits. Call our office today to ask questions or to discuss your family law concerns.

  • Mediating Divorce Proceedings

    Divorce is an emotionally tumultuous process and it can be challenging for the separating spouses to fairly divide the property they accumulated together. In particularly tense separations, lengthy litigation proceedings are necessary to finalize the divorce, separate assets, and allocate alimony payments. However, through mediation, your divorce attorney can help each party compromise without involving the court system. 

    Pre-Plan Your Estate with Wills

    The death of a loved one is a stressful and emotional time for the surviving family members. By meeting with a family law attorney to draft your will before your passing, you can remove the burden of deciding what to do with your estate from your grieving family. Your will also legally assures that your property and assets will be left to the people or institutions that you choose.

  • Child Custody Arrangements

    Divorce is hard on all couples, but it can be further complicated when children are involved. It can be difficult for parents to fairly divide time with their child, and children may feel their loyalties torn between their two parents. A family law attorney does not have the same emotional investment and can be the neutral voice to help the parents agree on custody and visitation agreements, as well as child support payments. If the settled agreement needs to be revised at any time, your family lawyer can assist with that process.

    Drafting Prenuptial Agreements

    Prepared and signed before the marriage, the purpose of a prenup is to protect both spouses’ assets and outline who is responsible for specific debts if the couple later decides to divorce. Each prenuptial agreement varies with the terms selected by the couple, but they all work much like insurance for your financial stability if your marriage dissolves. Our firm will gladly assist you in creating this contract and answering your questions about prenuptial agreements.

  • Serving as Counsel for Family Lawsuits

    When a family cannot resolve a dispute on their own or through mediation, the case may end up in litigation. Such cases involve paternity, guardianship, estate inheritance, and protective orders for domestic violence. Trust Susan Burger Attorney at Law to represent your best interests throughout your family court proceedings. 

    Why Choose This Law Firm

    Susan Burger Attorney at Law has over 30 years of successful experience in family law, defending the interests of clients who are dealing with family litigation, divorce, child custody arrangements, and more. Our attorneys can also help you draft legal documents like wills and prenuptial agreements to protect you in the case of death or divorce, respectively. Susan Burger Attorney at Law will be at your side every step of the way. Call us today to discuss your case.