• Family Lawyer and Criminal Attorney Serving Jonesboro Illinois

  • Are you going through a custody battle and need a family lawyer? Do you need someone to represent you at an upcoming DUI trial? Susan Burger Attorney at Law provides family and criminal legal services to clients in the Jonesboro, Illinois, area. Legal battles are stressful for you and your family, but our law firm is here to help. Susan Burger Attorney at Law has over 30 years of legal experience that will help you to reach the best outcome for your case. Below are some of the different law services that we can help with for clients throughout the Jonesboro, Illinois area.

  • Child Custody

    As a parent, you only want what is best for your child. Unfortunately, if two parents who do not raise their child together cannot agree on what is best, you may need legal reinforcement. A family attorney can help parents settle on custody arrangements, visitation rights and schedules, and child support payments. When discussing child custody, most people immediately think of physical custody, which regards where the child lives. There is additionally the matter of legal custody that determines which parent makes decisions about the child. One parent may retain both physical and legal custody, but that is not always the case. Our attorneys can answer any questions you may have about custody and help you build a case for the best interests of you and your child.

  • Divorce

    Divorce is a tough time for any family or couple to go through. You and your spouse built a life together, and it can be challenging to separate the emotions and memories when trying to divide assets and personal belongings. Through mediation or litigation, our experienced attorneys will help you to make legal decisions about child custody, alimony, and fairly distributing property, land, and finances. 

    If you want legal protection before you and your significant other marry, we also offer prenuptial agreement services. Whether you want to work out and draft details in case you later divorce, or you and your spouse have separated and need a divorce attorney, Susan Burger Attorney at Law is here for you.

  • Preparing Your Will

    Being proactive and preparing for future events is always a good thing. A sensitive subject that we all will have to face eventually is our own passing. Working with a family attorney to draft your Last Will and Testament, you can spare your surviving loved ones the added stress of deciding what to do with your estate after you die. It also guarantees that you choose your beneficiaries, instead of leaving that decision to someone else. It is never too early to get your affairs in order; call our firm today to set up an appointment and let us help you organize your final wishes.

  • Criminal Defense Near Jonesboro Illinois

    Criminal charges have long-term, life-altering consequences. Don’t you want to do everything you can to face the best possible outcome at your trial? The best place to start is hiring an experienced criminal attorney who can explain the legal process and advise you on your best options. Even if your lawyer can’t get the charges dropped, they may help greatly reduce the amount of fines or jail time you will have to spend in the case of a guilty verdict. Contact our firm if you need a skilled criminal defense team.

  • Why Choose This Firm

    Susan Burger Attorney at Law has over 30 years of successful experience in family and criminal law, defending the interests of clients who are dealing with divorce, child custody, DUI charges, and more. These situations are overwhelming and extremely stressful; you need the right attorney with experience and extensive knowledge of criminal and family law who will fight for your legal rights. Trust Susan Burger Attorney at Law to be on your side when you need legal counsel for family matters and criminal charges. Contact our firm today to get started.